Where to Move on Long Island

If you’ve been searching to buy one of the many Long Island houses for sale, you may have come across the different neighborhoods that Long Island consists of. If you’re not familiar with the area or are looking for a certain type of environment, it’s best to do the research to make sure you buy your next home in the best neighborhood for your needs and wants.

Luckily, instead of doing hours of research we’ve narrowed down some of the best known areas in Long Island that you should consider during your house hunting efforts.


The town that has it all. With affordable living compared to other Long Island towns the cost isn’t the only thing that flocks people here. Bellmore is only a few miles down the road from one of the most popular beaches on Long Island with the perks of also being a short 45 minute train ride to Penn Station. The area has schools that have ranked as one of the top institutions in the nation but also has plenty of fun activities close by as well like shopping, fun nightlife, and serene nature settings.


If you are career focused or a lover of all things sports, Commack can offer you quite a bit. Home to the Long Island Arena, plenty of sporting events are held here along with access to a top-notch facility. For those looking to network for their career, you're in luck here. With plenty of celebrities living here, your chances of running into successful individuals is pretty high.


For those looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of New York CIty, Islip can be the perfect refuge. Located near the beach, this area offers a quiet, low-key lifestyle yet has nightlife that is comparable to the city.

Sounds like the perfect match for someone who is looking for the best of both worlds with the city closeby and the beach in your backyard.


The perfect place for a growing family looking to have their children grow up in a family-friendly neighborhood with excellent school districts.  Not only does this area focus on high-quality education, but it also hosts a wide range of outdoor activities. There are numerous local parks and trails for exploring or lakes for water activities like fishing.


Thriving off of the sense of community, Smithtown is truly a large area with small town vibes. Locally owned shops and restaurants is what this town runs off of. If you have a deep appreciation for towns where almost everyone knows your name and enjoy working together to continually improve the area, Smithtown is well-known for just that.

Kick Start to Your Search

With this short guide, we hope we have pointed you in the right direction. Long Island has tons of wonderful neighborhoods but if you’re looking for the best of the best, start with a few of these first.

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