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5 Popular Gems Of The South: Korea Tourist Attractions

In all fairness, there are not many places in the world that can live up to the beauty of photographs. Luckily, having traveled extensively over the last few years, I have managed to stumble on a few.

This piece will focus on South Korea and its perks and quirks. Instead of choosing between the big city of Seoul or the quaint little villages, let’s just talk about the places that are easy to get to – let’s talk about some of the coolest South Korea tourist attractions.

Let’s go!

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5 Of The Best Places To Visit In Seoul

The past years have seen a phenomenal surge of the popularity of Koreans in mainstream media, from boy and girl groups to Korean television shows. Personally, while I am not too attached to these (think I have passed that age) I can definitely see the pull, with the catchy dance-craze like songs and emotive storylines played out by attractive people.

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