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The Best Guide To Loving A Stunning Trip To Iceland Cost!

Budgeting is probably the most important thing for a trip. Personally, being a young adult, I do not have all too much saved up, which is the limiting factor on any one of my adventures. For most of you out there, it is probably the same, right? Indeed, planning and forecasting expenses is key to successful travel.


Iceland, being one of my favorite places to visit, will be the subject of this quick rundown! Whether it is the heat of Iceland in the summer, experiencing Iceland off the beaten track, or just a general flyby of the best places to visit in Iceland, this piece will be your first step.

Let’s plan out and forecast what a trip to Iceland costs!

Find Out When You Want To Go

Summer and winter in Iceland are two entirely different monsters – where one is filled with festivals and the summer solstice (also home to the midnight sun), winter brings a snow-filled wonderland. Are you looking to trek Iceland’s famous mountainous landscape, or are you leaning more toward experiencing the Aurora Borealis?

Whichever you decide will play out an entirely different experience, both of which are phenomenal. Whether it be dancing through the night that never gets dark or huddling inside with a cup of hot cocoa, Iceland has it ready for you.

Maybe this will help you decide!

Then Find Out Where You Want To Go!

Iceland is unique in how its “developed” status is not so much dependent on the number of skyscrapers they can stack atop each other. Rather, it seems to be largely around its phenomenal ability to keep its open spaces open, without hindering progress.

Take Reykjavik, for example. Its city center is buzzing all through the year, helping its economy steady chug along. This, however, does not stop its vicinity from being utterly spectacular. Looking for hot pools to soak in the winter or mountain trails to conquer in the summertime? Fret not, many of it is just within reach of the city and its amenities!

Check this out for a little look into the cheaper things to do in the wider Reykjavik area!

Hot Springs

Okay, so this is a guilty pleasure of mine, but no Icelandic getaway is complete without a dip in one of its hot pools. Due to its landscape, there are hot pools littered all around the country. Some are high up on mountains, some in more accessible places in the city, with one right on a beach!

Iceland throughout the year does stay pretty cool, so there really isn’t a bad time to visit one. If it is your first time, I would suggest Blue Lagoon. It is not technically a naturally occurring hot pool, but the way it is heated is wonderfully efficient, and its commercial pull means you will find that it is a lot more high-tech than most of the others.

Any Landmarks?

Personally, I am a fan of seeing as much as I can, as quickly as possible. Iceland, however, has me slowing down and rethinking my approach. Here’s why:

On my first trip to this country, I headed straight for Westfjords, not anticipating that I would stay there for long. After all, there were so many wonderful spots I had to visit in the week and a half I had there! That did not materialize, and I spent my entire trip in the region, taking in the sights, smells, and wonder of unblemished nature.

This brings me to my point – pick a spot and stick with it. If you end up having time to explore more places, great! Otherwise, plan your trip around a certain area of the country. Each has its own charm and deserves its own experience. Start planning!

Day-to-day Spending

This is quite a big one, especially for Iceland. Reykjavik is ranked as the 11th most expensive country to live in the world and it shows. Your daily spending will likely far exceed what you will back home, so be sure to plan well for that, too!

Traveling away from the capital will obviously cost far less, which is to be expected. This, however, does not mean you should skimp on your cost planning. Keep your finances in check and you will be much more relaxed on your trip.

Be Economical With Your Time, Too

Keeping in line with taking longer holidays to do more things, do not forget to do as much as you can in this beautiful country. For me, the best thing about Iceland is that most of the things available to do there will not leave you exhausted (although most have left me breathless). I would encourage you to do as much as you can, pushing your time and financial allowances to the maximum.

After all, most of their picturesque walks are free, as are their thundering waterfalls, and relaxing hot pools. Enjoy it all while you can and squeeze in a museum tour or two while you can! Treat any trip to Iceland like it’s your only trip to Iceland, and you will enjoy it so much more.

In the end, the more time you take to plan for this trip to Iceland, the more likely you will be able to spend within your means, allowing for a much better experience.

It is quite easy, really, as long as you follow these simple steps:

- Find out when and where you want to go,

- Find out what attractions you might want to visit,

- Making sure to soak in a hot spring,

- Visiting a landmark or two,

- Roughly planning daily expenses and allowances, and

- Maximizing your time spent!

Hopefully, this piece was of help to you and your financial plans! Let me know in the comments below if you have any questions, and hey, enjoy your trip!

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