How to Plan a Memorable Trip to Paris This Winter

Paris, during Christmas, can be very romantic, so if you’re one of those couples considering a quick getaway to the romance capital of the world, this article will provide you with tips to help plan your first trip to France this season.

Why visit Paris during winter?Paris in December is typically cloudy, but rain can also be expected. This mixed bag of weather conditions offers an excellent opportunity to witness the city in all of its moods.

Why Travel to Paris During Winter?

You may be wondering, "why visit Paris during winter?" when the days are shorter, and it's colder. To answer that question, look no further than Notre Dame de Paris.

The church goes beautifully with the setting sun in winter. Chances are, if you come at an off-hour like early evening or later at night, you will find yourself in a peaceful city with clean air and plenty of photo opportunities.

Another romantic reason to visit Paris in winter is that the hotel rates are lower than on summer weekends, so it's cheaper on your wallet.

If you're a fan of Christmas markets, then Paris is the place to be in December. The city will put on a holiday market from mid-November to early January in the plaza outside the Hôtel de Ville. This is an excellent place for shopping and people watching while you enjoy some mulled wine.

Tips to Plan Your Trip to Paris During the Holidays

Reserve your hotel early. Paris in December is very popular with tourists, so you must ideally book your rooms at least 3-4 months in advance.

Pack Your Coat

Although the temperatures during winter are mild by general standards, you'll likely need a light coat and some warm clothing to get you through multiple seasons in one day.

Get Out of Town

The further away from Paris you go, the fewer people and crowds you will have to deal with. For instance, activities like skiing, snowboarding, and theater performances tend to be significantly less busy in the French Alps.

Catch a Holiday Show

Bonjour Tristesse is an award-winning, one-man theater performance starring François Pérusse. This 45-minute show gives insight into French culture through humor about relationships, politics, and contemporary life in France.

Eat Well

You're on vacation! If you've ever wanted to try escargot, your Paris trip might be your best opportunity to do it.

It's usually only served in fancy restaurants, but if you go to The Frog and the Princess (one of the oldest cafes in Paris), they serve it hot with garlic butter for €14 or cold with vinaigrette dressing for €12.

Treat Yourself

If you're staying near the Eiffel Tower, treat yourself to a fabulous dinner at one of several restaurants within walking distance of the tower, including Le Jules Verne, which has an excellent prix fixe(fixed-price) menu for €110 before wine.

Christmas Markets

There are many small Christmas markets throughout the city where you can find a large variety of traditional holiday gifts and decorations. These markets take place all over the city so that you can visit one every day during your stay!

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