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Four Best Apps to Download Before Traveling

There’s good news for those of us around the world who put our travel plans on pause as the pandemic wreaked havoc on the travel and hospitality industry: borders are beginning to open once again. Within the last week, the UK and other European nations have agreed to remove mandatory quarantine upon arrival for most travelers in the region. I’ve booked my first post-pandemic holiday for my first solo trip abroad. I’ve turned my phone into a travel companion with the four best apps to download before traveling. Check them out below.

Google Translate

best apps for travel

Google Translate is a lifesaver. This app is a translation tool from Google that offers instant high-quality translation for free on Android and Apple devices.

You can use it offline

Internet access throughout your travels is never a given. When you’re in a signal dead zone, Google Translate can still work, if you planned ahead. Download a language pack while connected to wifi at your hotel or departure gate at the airport. Then you can easily use the app offline, no matter how many bars your phone has.

It’s not just text-based

There’s no need to type out the words you see on street signs or menus, just point your camera at them. Google’s wizardry converts typography live in front of your eyes. It can be hit-or-miss with certain languages, but a great function overall.

Another benefit is the audio mode. Tap the microphone button and speak into your phone’s microphone. The app will identify the language and translate it for you with ease; a great way to make friends in foreign lands.

Pax 3

If you own the popular Pax 3 vape , you need to download the companion app. The Pax 3 app enhances and customizes your vaping experience. Here’s how.

Four new modes

Pax introduced several modes to control and customize your vape session: boost, efficiency, stealth, and flavor. Boost will lengthen and strengthen your sessions by limiting auto-cooling. Efficiency will increase the vape temperature over time. Stealth keeps the temperature low and cools faster making your session stealthy. Flavor limits the heating to when you are drawing only.

Additional controls

With the Pax 3 app, you have full control to the point where you can increase or decrease the temperature by a single degree. The app also allows you to lock the vape and configure the lights.

While the Apple store has removed the app in the US, Pax has developed a desktop workaround making it easier than ever to enjoy your vaping experience when you travel. Of course, there is another workaround to getting the app to function. Read on!


Keep your data safe and stay connected to all the sites you know and love with the SafeVPN app. If you aren’t familiar with VPNs, these virtual private networks mask your device’s location. There are many reasons why you might want to do this.

Safety with SafeVPN

Using a VPN on your devices will keep your connection private, secure, and encrypted. This is especially important if you are connected to a public wifi such as in an airport or a restaurant. Hackers love these types of connections because they are great for getting access to your data. SafeVPN encrypts your connection and protects you.

Use blocked websites

Your destination country might limit access to your favorite websites or limit their usability in some way. For example, Facebook and Google are banned in China and Netflix has different content catalogues depending on your location. SafeVPN allows you to connect to the blocked sites and lets you choose your server location in their network to make it look like you are actually connected in a different country.


Airport lounges are the best thing about waiting for flights and long connections, but few have access for regular folks with economy tickets. LoungeBuddy is your ticket into the most exclusive airport lounges around the world.

First and business class lounges

Sure, there are regular lounges available to everyone for a fee. Yet for the cost of basic lounge access, LoungeBuddy members will get into the most sought after lounges from airlines such as Etihad, Emirates, Singapore Airlines, and many more. These rooms offer more than just a buffet. When you purchase a lounge pass on the LoungeBuddy app, you’ll be able to choose from a directory of lounges at your destination (or departure) airport; lounges with showers, top shelf liquor, and a la carte meals included in the lounge price. Many of these passes are cheaper than paying in person, if you even get that option without the premium flight ticket.

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