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Must-Have Gadgets: Camping Gears

Make your next outdoor camping the one you have been waiting for so long. Gear up with the coolest camping gadgets and accessories that will change your trip forever. Outdoor trips have always been thrilling filled with surprises and new challenges. To take these challenges we have you totally geared up with the 20 of the most exciting camping gears. Explore the wild like never before packed with everything right form a survival folding knife to a bunk bed we have it all lined up.

There are a lot of gadgets and accessories that might not have been added to this list such as duffel bags, packing cubes or luggage sets but believe me these gadgets mentioned below are everything you will need.

9 Person Cabin Style Tent

Gear up for something exciting with the 9 person instant cabin Tent. This tent has a capacity to take 9 people very easily. This amazing tent comes with a room divider as well as zippered doors and windows to give you a comfy feel. The whole tent can be set up in just a minute making it the perfect camping tent. The complete tent is fitted out with free attached poles which can be easily assembled and vice versa. Some other features which make this tent a top priority are pockets and hanging storages which are a must.

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First Aid Kit

One of the most prominent camping tools is the first aid kit. Designed to fit anywhere this medical set by VSSL is in fact a torch roomy enough to hold everything you might need during an emergency. This torch shaped first aid kit is just 9" long and can fit anywhere. This kit is a haven of supplies which include painkillers, antiseptic wipes, whistle and even a compass. This kit is a perfect companion on an outdoor trip be it night or during the day.

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Survival Shovel

While on an outdoor trip you should be prepared for anything. Taking those narrow curves or finding wood for Tyger gear survival shovel can be the right tool. This shovel is very light and can be easily packed for convenience during travel. This shovel has a military grade aluminum handle and hardened steel that is reinforced into the shovel head. This shovel is an 16 in 1 tool providing all necessary tools in one pack. If you are still worried than worry no more as it comes with a lifetime replacement. The brand believes it was made to last forever but if some mishaps take place than the company will do replacement at no cost.

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Spoon Shaped Sleeping Bag

This spoon shaped sleeping bag is the perfect companion that will ensure a peaceful sleep. The spoon shaped sleeping bag will help you to curl around without being uncomfortable at all. This entire bag is waterproof and breathable allowing enough air inside to keep a balance. There are integrated pillow pockets that can fill for jackets or any comfy cloth that you might need once awake. This Nemo Disco 30 sleeping bag is an all in one outdoor gadget that can give you sweet dreams even in the middle of a jungle.

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Portable Camp Stove

The eco friendly portable camp stove from Biolite is just the camping tool you were looking forward to. Packed with some of the most amazing specifications this portable yet large in feature camp fire is the one stop solution to your cooking needs. This cool camp stove has an on board battery which is 2600mah and can charge all your devices. This stove is highly technological having a led dashboard which shows you the fire strength, power output and fan speed. There are four internal fans that help in improved combustion and efficiency.

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Pocket Blanket

This blanket is all you need being portable enough to fit any pocket. Pocket Blanket from Matador can easily accommodate 2 to 4 adults keeping all comfortable during the cold camping nights. This blanket has an added pattern which will guide you to easily re pack in just seconds. Use this blanket even on a windy day carefree as it comes with weighted corners and sandy pockets. Matador blanket has built-in pockets easily accessible to keep your belongings like mobile handsets; air pods, etc. get this blanket in various colors to match your personality available in original red, black, ocean and alpine green colors.

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Carry Along Bunk Beds

This bunk bed is a one stop solution for people who love to sleep under the stars. This portable bunk bed can easily be transformed into a sitting bench or two single cots as per the requirements. There are practically no tools assemblies making it a hassle free setup. These beds are designed to take weight up to 500lbs on a single cot which is far more than any bunk beds you can find. If this is not enough then this bunk bed comes with top selling accessories which include organizers and canvas bags.

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Soft Chilled Cooler Bag

Keep all your beers and water chilled to the maximum with the Yeti Hopper Soft Cooler. This cooler bag is a real tough carry along including a top handle and a totally revamped design. This bag is waterproof ensuring it a perfect choice for rough use. Rubber foams that are in a closed cell ensure that the bag gets maximum insulation to keep everything cool inside for a very long time. This cooler bag is cubed shaped making it very easy to load and store anywhere.

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Mosquito Repeller

Get yourself protected in the wild with the Portable Mosquito Repeller. This one gadget is something every camping person would crave for. Packed with a host of features this mosquito repeller device is a perfect solution while hunting and camping offshore. It is quite portable and creates a fence of 15 foot keeping all mosquitoes and other harmful insects at bay. It required filling the cartridge with a repeller and placing it at a convenient point. Each cartridge lasts up to 12 hours giving you enough backup for the entire night.

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The Solar Powered Shower

Camping is a really adventurous job and having your own shower to cool off is really rewarding. Solar Shower is the only product that can give you a complete shower sucking energy from nature. It is backed by solar power which enables you to heat the water if required giving you a relaxed bathing experience. The shower kit can hold up to 5 gallons of water allowing using it several times carefree. This 5 gallon solar shower has a sturdy hook that can be attached to high surfaces. There are valves which are tightly enclosed to ensure no leakages.

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Filtered Water Bottle

Water is the source of life and what better way than carrying it in the Lifestraw Go filter Bottle. This water bottle allows two stages of filtration making sure the water that you are taking is safe enough. The bottle contains activated carbon which offers a high flow rate and the 0.2 micron filter helps eliminate any bacteria from the water. This filter membrane has a total capacity to provide clean drinking water up to 1000 gallon which is rewarding for any camping trip.

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Compact Folding Chair

Make sure to carry this outdoor camping gadget that will surely make you realize the beauty of wilderness while seated comfortably. Trekology YIZI Go Portable Camping Chair is a perfect item for picnics, camping's, fishing and many more outdoor activities. It comes with enhanced loop designs which will help set up this device in seconds. The fabric in this chair is totally new giving a complete new sitting experience. There are side mesh panels which allow easy circulation of air. This chair has three seating heights making it a winner for everyone in the group.

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Rolling BBQ Grill

With the Bison Rolling Grill you will experience a product which is perfectly sized and practical for camping purposes. This grill is so portable you can keep it anywhere and have no worries whatsoever. This rolling grill is especially designed keeping in mind the backpack campers. It is made out of the most durable aluminum which is extremely lightweight. It can be easily rolled up along with the cylinder weighing not more than 1.2 pounds. It comes bundled in a carry sack which can be adjusted anywhere with the rest of your camping materials.

Solar Lantern

Lanterns can be a lifesaver during camping, providing enough light for all activities near the sight. LuminAid Packlite Nova is an USB Solar lantern that uses the sun's energy to give you a peaceful night. It is very lightweight and has capabilities of inflating itself to increase the overall brightness if required. It comes packed with 5 brightness settings which is adequate enough. There are adjustable straps which enables you to hang this device to any rugged surface.

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Storm Proof Match Kit

Light up a fire anywhere with the storm proof match kit that has the power to light even in strong rain and windy conditions. This match kit is quite portable and can fit in any corner of your bag. The entire kit includes a case which encompasses 3 strikers and 25 matches that are water as well as windproof. You can easily light up during the night to make a fireplace without any hassle.

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Casio Outdoor Watch

Casio has always been one of the most reliable brands when it comes to camping. This watch is a step ahead over all watches certified by US Military standards. Casio Protek Smart WSD-F30 is a touchscreen device powered by a digital compass, altimeter, barometer and activity tracker. This watch will always guide you without worry as it has the latest OS by Google providing all necessary information when you want them. This amazing outdoor watch has water resistant up to 50 meters and is totally shockproof and vibration proof.

Camping Cooking Kit

Still confused with which cooking gear to get this camping season? Worry no more as GSI Outdoors Destination Kitchen has proved to be the favorite of many packed with 4set of cutlery utensils. All utensils are made up of highest grade nylon material keeping you safe in the outdoors. It is a combination of 24 piece sets that includes folding tools, spice shaker, cutting board and utility knife.

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Portable Solar Battery Charger

Carrying a solar battery charger for camping is very fruitful as it prepares you for the night. Goal Zero Switch 10 multi tool kit is equipped with 2 USB ports and a 7 solar panel that enables you to fight the dark and at the same time save all your devices from draining out. This is a multipurpose device having capabilities of a flashlight, charging cable and a fan tool having you secured throughout your camping. Giving you all energy from the sun and being so portable at the same time makes this device a must have for any outdoor camping activities.

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Folding Knife

Having a knife can keep you secured as nothing is promised during outdoor camping. Right from cutting vegetables to collecting woods for the night Bear Gryll Survival Folding knife does it all. The handle of the knife comes fitted with glass filled nylon giving it a nice grip texture. Used and certified by the famous British Special Forces Officer and a well renowned survival trainer from Bear Grylls make this device a sure pick for camping.

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Multi Tool Survival Axe

If you are the one who takes camping very seriously, then Off Grid Survival Axe is an ideal tool for you. It comes with a hatchet blade that is resharpened and is completely heat treated to give you a hatchet of a lifetime. Enabled with 31 survival features this hatchet is just the one that can solve all your camping needs. Use it for collecting woods; clearing the forest or self defense, the choice is all yours. There is a 6" saw blade which is easily changeable to a desired blade that can do the job. Even after encompassing so many tools in just one device the handle remains ultimately light giving less worry to your hands. This axe comes with tons of adjustments such as the glass breaker, bottle opener nail craw, pry bar and a hammer head which can be transformed in a matter of seconds to suit your needs.

how to choose camping gears

These listed gears above are highly recommended use by a lot of travelers because of their usefulness and convenience. Hope these information will help you as well as other travelers choose the best things for your next camping trip. 

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