Traveling During COVID With Your Spouse: Do’s and Don’ts

Description: Covid traveling is challenging. If you are ready to take all the necessary precautions and have an unforgettable holiday with your significant other, read our guide on traveling safely and having a good time.

Covid Traveling With Your Spouse — What to Do and Avoid

Traveling is an inalienable part of our lives. But covid traveling is very different from how we traveled before. It is rather risky and sometimes annoying. But it is still possible to escape covid traveling quarantine and have an unforgettable vacation with your loved ones. If you want to invite someone else to go with you, check out these dating sites with real profiles and pictures.

What to Do Before Traveling?

Covid traveling abroad requires a lot of planning and thinking for you and your spouse

Covid traveling abroad requires a lot of planning and thinking for you and your spouse. Do not waste time before the trip and start arranging the vacation in advance. Even if you are not scared to get the virus or have a vaccine, you should follow covid traveling rules.

The majority of countries will require you to pass the test from one to four days before the trip. Choose the laboratories that are authorized to issue certificates. Sometimes covid traveling guidelines will be different even in different cities in one country, so it is crucial to check the updated information as often as possible. Go to websites of local health departments and forums to check the information about the country where you are going and its covid traveling essentials: conditions of entry, possible fines, and what to do if you are infected. Remember that information changes quickly. Stay tuned for covid traveling statistics updates as you get closer to your trip.

If you do not abide by covid traveling guidelines, you and your spouse might end up paying a huge fine and being deported from the country. If this is not how you want to spend your time, read on.

What to Do In the Airport and on a Plane?

Be prepared to spend more time at the airport than usual. 

 Flying is considered generally safe during the covid pandemic as long as you follow basic covid traveling rules. Modern planes are equipped with powerful filters that kill almost 100% of all the microbes. Also, the cabin crew will take care of disinfecting the surfaces on a plane. Some airlines will even leave many seats available so that your safety would be as high as possible.

 Be prepared to spend more time at the airport than usual. This is due to new safety measures, temperature measuring, the need to maintain social distance. Try to avoid large groups of people and choose secluded places to relax. An antiseptic is especially useful here — keep it ready and sanitize your hands, surfaces you touch, and gadgets, especially after security and passport control. It makes sense to wipe the passport with an antiseptic, as you never know how many passports the border guard touched before yours.

 If you have planned a trip with your spouse, but you feel unwell or have a fever, it is better to cancel the flight and not expose your fellow travelers to potential danger.

Airports give us a chance to check in online to reduce the time spent in the airport. Covid traveling will require you to minimize your communication with strangers, not take your family with you to see you off, touch surfaces, screens or door handles, and encourage you not to use cash for paying.

 As for the airports, it is rather hard to do social distancing, but masks and gloves will reduce the chance of getting infected. Airport staff will also measure your temperature and check your covid test. All this makes your covid traveling almost 100% safe and secure. If you are planning on covid traveling by car, it is much easier as you do not need to deal with other people. Just prepare your test, take masks and check information provided by your covid travel destinations. Even though covid travel levels have increased, you should take all the necessary measures to protect yourself and your family.


Beautiful Places in Asia

A lot of hotels now bring food directly to your room instead of having a buffet downstairs

During covid traveling, you and your spouse should pay proper attention to the accommodation. If you used to stay in hostels, you should opt for living in a hotel or in an apartment. See what reviews the hotel or apartment has and whether it takes all the necessary precautions against the virus.

Check how the hotel organizes breakfasts during covid traveling. A lot of hotels now bring food directly to your room instead of having a buffet downstairs.  Try not to use cash when paying, and do not go to the pool or the gym, if possible. Other covid traveling guidelines are the same — do not use elevators and wear masks.

Eating Out

You can eat out during covid traveling and be safe if you follow some basic rules

It is nice to invite your significant other to a restaurant to celebrate some special event. You can eat out during covid traveling and be safe if you follow some basic rules. Like with hotels, read the reviews and check the information about the measures the restaurant takes during covid traveling. Book the table in advance, as many restaurants limit the number of visitors they can have.

If the weather is good, you can sit outside and enjoy the view of the city, giving yourself additional safety during covid traveling. Remember that you should wash your hands with soap before and after the restaurant and limit the time spent inside the restaurant. Even though eating out with your spouse is nice, try to get delivery or cook yourself during covid traveling.


 Unfortunately, the pandemic is real, and you can get infected during covid traveling. You may feel good and have no symptoms, but you may pass the disease on to others, including your family and friends. Covid traveling is difficult but possible if you take all necessary tests, isolate and follow other covid traveling guidelines. Have you ever had any problems with your spouse during covid traveling, or everything went smoothly? Where did you go? What other covid traveling tips do you have? Share in the comments below!

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