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3 Ways to Keep Your Couple’s Adventure High on Experiences and Low on Expenses

Traveling is one of the best things a couple can do together. Taking in new sights and experiencing new things is a great way to strengthen your relationship. Not only that ,but being on the road is also an opportunity to see your partner in a different light.

Needless to say, you need adequate preparation to ensure that your shared adventure goes smoothly and stays drama-free. More importantly, a well-planned trip lets you explore a host of options beyond conventional, cookie-cutter travel, so you’re guaranteed to stay on course budget-wise, as well as have more meaningful experiences. Go to Awesome Places offers the following insight as you start to plan for your big trip.

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Go on the road.

When it comes to travel, flying often comes to mind. But flying can be pricey, and flying for two is even pricier. If you can, consider a road trip. Not only does this option make for a more economical vacation, but it also offers a few other perks. It’s greener and gives you more flexibility, plus it’s generally more economical because you can save on individual ticket costs and baggage fees. Best of all, longer time on the road gives you more quality time as a couple and opens up more exciting possibilities.

Before going on a road trip, it’s important to make sure that your car is up to the task by checking that everything from the radiator to the windshield wipers is working well, as well as making sure that fluids (brake, oil, coolant, etc.) are well-replenished.

For a cross-country road trip, renting a car is also a great option, especially when you’re thinking ahead and trying to preserve your car’s mileage and resale value. This is a particularly viable option when going on an extended road trip, as it helps you circumvent extraneous costs like maintenance and insurance and may even translate to lower fuel costs. For peace of mind, go with a trusted rental agency like Budget, Enterprise or Alamo, but be sure to look for coupons to help you save on this expenditure.

Visit during the off-season.

Another great way to make the most out of your trip as a couple is to travel in the off-season. This is an underrated way to have unique experiences when you must stick to a strict travel budget.

Certain parts of the world are believed to be better seen at certain times. Unfortunately, the travel industry has capitalized on this, which is why transportation, accommodations, attractions, and even food rates in certain destinations are a lot more expensive during these times—not to mention more congested and busy. So if you really want to have more unique and special experiences together without breaking the bank, make it a point to learn about other great times to visit your romantic destination for couples.

Go for the unconventional.

Of course, a huge part of traveling is finding the best places to rest your heads for the night without blowing through your travel budget and compromising privacy. The good news is you’re not just limited to hotels as, these days, there are now cheaper alternatives that are just as comfortable and couple-friendly.

As a rule of thumb, plan this aspect of your trip in advance so you can practice due diligence and really explore the many options out there. Make use of the plethora of booking websites to find the best possible accommodation that not only fits your budget but your preferences too.

Suffice it to say, the success of your impending adventure as a couple will rely heavily on your ability to plan and prepare, as well as your flexibility and open-mindedness. So take note of these wallet-friendly tips, and have the time of your lives.

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