Top 5 Locations From India Have Visa On Arrival

Are you travelling from India? Are you searching for locations which grant India travelers a visa upon arrival? Then I’ve got great news for you. There are lots of options open to you. In fact: two hundred countries offer travel destinations for you. More than fifty countries are happy to welcome those from India and give them a visa upon arrival.

We’ve narrowed your search to our top five choices for you to visit.

Top 5 Travel Locations Have Visa On Arrival

The Maldives

The Maldives is actually made up of many inhabited and uninhabited islands. Each resort has its own island. The Maldives is a highly regarded honeymoon destination.

Must get visa on arrival; need to bring or have taken a passport photograph; cost $25 US dollars; must supply an including hotel(s) confirmation numbers.

The Maldives

Top Attractions & Activities: Hulhumale beach; Male Friday Mosque; Huhule Island; Alimatha Island; Atoll transfer; Sea plan tours of the islands; scuba and snorkeling tours.

Peak Travel Time: December, January, February and March; avoid the rainy season.

Best Time to Visit: November to April

Climate: Weather is nice all seasons. However, the monsoons are from May to October with heaviest rains in June. Avoid wet season. There is nothing to do then!

Travelers normally stay: A week

Average Price of 3 Star Hotel: from $33 to $96 a night

Visa details: Must get visa upon arrival at entry point. Visa is good for up to ninety days.

Sri Lanka

Formerly Ceylon, Sri Lanka has now become a popular destination. Small but diverse topography, Sri Lanka has beautiful beaches and interesting flora and fauna.

Sri Lanka

Top Attractions & Activities: tea plantations; ancient ruins; cricket games (Sri Lanka’s national sport); Adam’s Peak; hydroelectric plants; waterfalls; cinnamon production

Peak Travel Time: April to September

Best Time to Visit: hill country, west and south coasts December to March; east coast April to September.

Climate: Sri Lanka is near the equator so weather is warm all year round.

Travelers normally stay: 1-2 weeks

Average Price of 3 Star Hotel: $40-$50 US dollars

Visa details: Electronic application and authorization; visa good for ninety days.


Thailand sees sixteen million tourists each year. Until 1939, it was known as Siam. Siamese cats are native to Siam.

Top Attractions & Activities: Bankok; Krabi; rice paddies (Thailand is the world’s highest producer of rice.); ancient temples; world famous beaches and islands; Ko Chang Island;

Peak Travel Time: November to February

Best Time to Visit: Dry season is from November to May; Avoid June to October’s wet season

Thailand's High season is November to February, when the weather is generally at its best throughout the country. In northern

Climate: Cooler temperatures between October and January; Heavy rain June to October. Dry season is November to May. Warm summers. Cold Winters. There is snow from December to March.

Travelers normally stay: one or two weeks

Average Price of 3 Star Hotel: $30 to $80 US

Visa details: You can purchase a fifteen-day visa for 1000 Thai Baht. This must be paid for in Thai currency. You must get your visa at your initial point of entry.


Indonesia is a republic and also the world’s largest archipelago with 1800 islands. With a population of 250 million it is the fourth largest country in the world; Central Java’s Borobudur temple, the world’s largest Buddhist temple.

Top Attractions & Activities: tropical forests; Gunung Bromo volcano, Jakarta’s Gelora Bung Karno Stadium, one of the world’s largest stadiums; the Komodo dragon, the world’s largest lizard; Sumatra’s Rafflesia Arnoldi, the world’s largest flower; Grasberg Mine—the world’s largest gold mine; Lake Toba, the world’s largest volcanic lake.

Peak Travel Time: April to October
Best Time to Visit: Indonesia’s dry season is April to October. Avoid monsoon season November to March.

Climate: With a tropical climate, Indonesia has two seasons: wet and dry. Temperatures are hot and humid year round.

Travelers normally stay: 1-2 weeks

Average Price of 3 Star Hotel: $45-$55 US

Visa details:


Cambodia offers lots of geographic variety from low plains to the Mekong Delta, Gulf of Thailand shoreline to central mountains. Cambodia is an ancient country full of archeological wonders. Carbon dating suggests Cambodia has been in existence since 4000 B.C.

Top Attractions & Activities:

Royal Palace; National Museum; ruins of Angkor Wat; stone temple complex of the Khmer Empire;

Tropical rain forests; rice paddies; Angor Thom ruins and Smiling Temple; village at Tonie Sap; Ta Prohm “Tomb Raider” temple; ride a Tuk Tuk to visit the artisans at Siem Reap; Cambodian cuisine at New Hope Restaurant; take a boat ride to the floating villages of Tonie SapLake; tour Phnom Penh; visit the historic Killing Fields and the Genocide Museum;

Peak Travel Time: The cool season is November to February.
Best Time to Visit: Low season when it is not wet season is May through early October. You dodge high tourist crowds and accommodation is less costly.

Climate: Cambodia is warm all year. There is a dry season and a wet season although every day is hot and humid. Temperatures rarely drop below 68°F. The wet season is May to October, with short afternoon rains. “Dry season” travel from November to March is hot and dry. Everything is green and lovely during the rainy season.

Travelers normally stay: 1 week to a month

Average Price of 3 Star Hotel: $50 (US)

Visa details: You can get a visa on arrival; maximum stay is a month; cost $20 US dollars; must bring or have taken a passport photo; must show proof of enough money to cover the costs of your stay; must complete visa application and present flight tickets for entering and exiting Cambodia.

In Conclusion

The above five locations make great trip destinations for visitors from India who wish to travel using a visa to enter the country. Should you require any assistance with securing a visa for our five top travel options, just send me an email. 

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