How To Make Money While Traveling?

Does this sound like a dream come true? How do travelers make money? How to make money while traveling? Is it really possible to travel and earn? Yes it is! Thanks to increased technology, Wi-Fi and portable personal computers, you can travel and earn money at the same time.


This article will describe the best ways to make money while traveling somewhere in Asia or Europe. How do travelers make money while traveling? Does it take special kinds of travelers to make money while traveling? No! You too can earn passive income while traveling.

Let’s explore the best ways to travel around the world with no money.

There are obviously some typical sources of passive income. These might include:

Make Money While Traveling by Rental Properties

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This is pretty much what it sounds like. You’ve acquired a house or a commercial property. While you travel, you’ve rented it to an individual or group. Rental income is paid to you while you travel.

In addition nowadays there are a lot of platforms built so as to help you list your properties faster such as VRBO , AirBnB, Clickstay, Wimdu,Tripadvisor Holiday Rental Network, TheHolidayLet, etc. 

Dividends from Stocks

Some investments pay dividends. This is like interest. This is one of the best ways to make money while traveling. Your investment stays intact and you can spend the dividend or reinvest it.

Copyrights, Royalties

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You may have created an investment and patented it. Or, you may have written a book or a song; even taken an awesome picture and made a video. While you travel you can earn passive income from royalty or copyright checks.

Besides, recently, there are a lot of copyright companies that collaborate with others to bring your idea to life. It’s fun, free, and you get paid! You easily sign up to be their member and start inventing. This helps people all over the world solve any problem they have.

Interest Income

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Perhaps you have a savings account or you have lent an individual or group money. Maybe you have bonds or guaranteed income certificates (GIC’s). These investments can earn interest in the form of passive income while you travel.

Business Income

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You might consider setting up a business which you can run from your laptop or handheld device while you travel. Or, perhaps you’ve hired staff to run your business while you travel and earn.

Recurring Commissions from Client Purchases and Reorders.

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Before you began to travel, perhaps you sold goods or services to clients. When they purchase or reorder items, you may get paid a commission.

Enterprises such as: Network Marketing

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​​​​Sometimes called pyramid building, network marketing has become familiar because of companies like Amway, Mary Kay, Avon, and Excel Communications. The appeal is in the fact that once your ‘pyramid” is in place, you can sit back and make money while others sell. The upside is that we all have friends, family members, co-workers, and neighbors to whom we can pitch the idea of becoming a seller. There’s money to be made from these reputable companies with reliable products. If you choose your connections well and get them involved in creating their own pyramids then you can travel while amassing a whole pile of money from your pyramid and those created by your pyramid.

The down side is that you may make enemies of these connections by getting them involved.

Questions to consider? Whose pyramid are you a part of? Do you trust this person? Is the product or service you are promoting something you’d buy? Do you really believe in this product? Can you actually start making money immediately or is there a wait period? How many others are you expected to recruit?

High Ticket Affiliate Marketing

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One of the best ways to make money while traveling is affiliate marketing. Yes you can earn passive income at this.  This is a great travel business because you don’t need much start-up capital. You also don’t need space to store inventory. You also don’t have to worry about shipping products to buyers.

Here’s how affiliate marketing works. You get income for referring new clients and return customers to other companies.

But there are down sides to this business. Affiliate marketing doesn’t get you rich overnight and it’s not an entirely one of the best ways to make money while traveling.  Contrary to what you may be told, affiliate marketing does require some effort. Some people do get rich. Many are successful at this form of passive income while you travel. However, many others don’t make anything!

Let’s consider the pluses of affiliate marketing:

Low cost start-up

You don’t have to “invent” or “buy” the products you sell.

You can choose what you think you can pitch to prospective buyers.

No shipping costs.

Now inventory to store.

You can add affiliate marketing to other sources of passive income while travelling.

You can work any time and from anywhere in the world.                                               

All you need in your “office” is an Internet connection and a computer.

You can work full time or part time.

 Affiliate marketing is a legitimate way to make money while traveling. Your passive income while travelling is limited only by how effective you are at marketing your affiliates programs.

However if you are a travel blogger, you will make money from your blog by placing product's link on your site. All of things you should do is to build a blog and drive traffic by SEO optimization or paid traffic from social network advertisement.

What are the disadvantages?

You might take considerable time generating sufficient traffic to your website to actually amass a good return.

You need to choose wisely the companies and products you select to promote. One bad product or company can ruin your credibility with your customers. Good affiliated marketers have even bought products themselves and tried them before selling them.

Literally, you cannot control how a company you are promoting makes its products, fills your orders, ships them and stands behind their quality guarantees.  If it’s a proven company the competition to be an affiliate marketer can be vicious.

Affiliate hijackers might not give you credit for your referral.  You have to know things like URL masking to avoid this fraud.

Sell products that fit your niche market. That builds a bond of trust with those who visit your website.

There is an element of trust. You are trusting the company will sell a good product, deliver it promptly, respond to customer complaints and pay you!

You must do your homework. Know about the company. Know the steps to becoming a successful affiliate marketer. Refer to my later article on successful affiliate marketing.

Remember when promoting products or companies on your website or blog: less is more. Choose only a few or even one or two products or companies and disclose your affiliate relationship with them right up front so your readers don’t feel duped.

There are lots of ways to travel and make money while traveling. The trick is to know your options and find one(s) that fit(s) your skills, your talents, your interests, and your niche market.

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