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How Much Money Should I Bring To The Philippines?

The Philippines is renowned among travelers for its soothing white-sand beaches, the local friendly atmospheres, the captivating beauty of sunsets, etc. The country contains more than 7000 islands in the Western Pacific Ocean. It also has that tropical warmth that is capable of intriguing anyone.

Any passionate traveler like me would never miss the chance to visit this country at least once in their lifetime. According to researches, approximately five million international tourists visit this country every year.

Undoubtedly, tourists play a big role in the contribution to the Philippine economy. However, a major portion of these tourists does not travel with a lot of cash. To support their journey, they depend mostly on ATMs and credit cards. A little tip for those who are on a tight budget  - you can definitely visit this amazing country and travel on for just $20 USD per day.

How much will it cost you in 2020?

You are in the right place if you are asking yourself, ‘how much money should I bring to the Philippines?’€

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According to past travelers’ records 

For meals

If you are traveling alone, per person it took ‚±605 ($12) per day.


From the record diaries of previous travelers, it is stated that one person needs  ±791 ($16) per day to have transportation for traveling places to places.

Per day average cost (in 2020)

If you are a single traveler like me, you will need to have around ‚±2,644 ($52) for everyday average cost.

Average hotel price for a couple

If you are on your honeymoon, you will need  ±1,904 ($37) per day to stay in a decent hotel.

The average cost for a couple for one week

To travel for a week, you will need ±37,009 ($727) for two persons.

Per person cost for a vacation in Philippine for a week

Again, if you are just one single passionate traveler, then you will need ‚±18,505 ($365.49) for a week to stay in Philippine.

The average cost for a couple for two weeks

For two weeks of adventures, you will need ±74,019 ($1461.92) for two persons.

The average cost of food for a person per day

You will need to have at least  ±605 ($11.95) per day to have a proper meal.

Know that the cost of breakfast is a little cheaper than lunch or dinner.

The average cost of a taxi ride for a person per day

Taxi rides will cost a bit much than local transports. As a single traveler, you will need ‚±791 ($15.62) per day for transport.

How to save money while traveling to the Philippines?

Compared to other countries, visiting the Philippines is already low-priced. That doesn’t mean you can’t cut off some of your additional expenses without compromising your convenience and local adventures.

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Avoid baggage-fees

You can skip some of your baggage-fees easily by stuffing up your goods in a carry-on bag (7 kg). It is definitely possible if you can just follow my instructions. There is some sort of clothes which won’t need much cleaning. It means you won’t have to do laundry a lot while traveling. The least check-in baggage allowances are 15 kgs.

Seat sales

Luckily for the airline seat sales privileges, many young people can afford to visit the Philippines these days. You can choose a budget airline and stay alert for seat sales.

Pick cheap hostels instead of hotels

Hostels are definitely cheaper than hotels. If you are a couple and want a romantic vacation then a hotel is a fine choice for you, whereas if you are in a low or tight budget for your trip then choosing to stay in a hostel will be the best decision for you. By sharing dorm rooms, you get to meet a lot of travelers too.

Local food

To save money, you don’t have to eat street food. You will find many inexpensive fast-food in the Philippines. For example- Chowking, Jollibee, etc. If you go to the nearest mall, you can pick a food court for a cheap substitute. Always check online before you go out, you will find plenty of local restaurants that are famous and budget-friendly. Remember that if you are visiting any small town, you can go to “Karenderias”€.

Make local friends

 Your desired adventures will be a lot of budget-friendly if you can find a local group and befriend them. This way you can split the cost of your activities.

Public transport

Try to avoid taking taxis while you are on the trip. Do not hesitate to rent a van at the time of your need. You can also choose to ride on buses, motorcycles, tricycles, etc. to have inter-island travel at a low cost, you can pick ships that are partnered with buses in major terminals. Also, you are allowed to choose to avoid the air-conditioned buses to save more cash.

Frequently asked questions

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When should one visit the Philippine?

The country has four different climates. According to researches, it is ideal to visit the country from December until February. These months are known to be the Philippines’ dry season. The average temperatures will be around the mid-70s. So, you will enjoy traveling to places around the country in these times undoubtedly.

You can also visit this country in March, April, and May. But the climate will be steamier than other times. The average temperature in May is around  83 degrees.

Do I need a visa?

If you are a US citizen then you won’t need a visa to visit the Philippines. If you plan on staying for more than a month only then you will need a visa. Though, you will require a valid passport and a return airline ticket to enter the Philippines. In case you are traveling to this country from another country, you should browse the embassy’s site to see whether or not you will need a visa.


 If you have checked out this entire article, then you already know how much you need to travel to the Philippines. Also if you are traveling alone don’t forget to try every budget-friendly tips we have shared above.

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