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Five Of The Best Water Parks In Mumbai

Whenever you choose to visit India, you will be faced with a never-ending heat. For many, this is a welcome relief from the cold winter nights, and yet there needs to be an escape, every once in a while.

Over the Christmas break, I visited Mumbai, and was surprised to find some amazing water parks! Young or old, a solo traveler or a family, these are full of fun and perfect on a hot summer’s day.

Let’s explore some of the best water parks in Mumbai.

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Looking For The Most Amazing Honeymoon Places In India

Traveling the world has its downsides and it has its perks. Sure, some days I do wish I had a permanent home to return to, but then again I would not be able to give up finding magic all over the globe.

Take for example my trip to India, early last year. It was intended as a two-week vacation, and yet it ended up lasting over 4 months. The food and vibrancy of the people and the culture captivated me and I can honestly say I fell in love there.

Maybe you’re after a little heat and a little spice after your wedding and maybe I can help you with that. Let’s explore some awesome honeymoon places in India!

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